Connected Learning Symposium

Lasell University's Connected Learning Symposium is a campus-wide event showcasing the academic creativity of our students and the collaborative accomplishments of students and faculty. Launched in the Spring of 2002, the Symposium gathers together our entire community to celebrate the creative endeavors and new knowledge generated by our students. At Lasell, we hold scholarly work in tandem with the personal and professional growth of our students, and Symposium displays that vividly through presentations, displays, fashion shows, exhibitions, and performances. While the Fall Symposium focuses on the career pathways and readiness of our students and alumni, the Spring Symposium remains a broader celebration of student knowledge, discovery, creativity, and invention. Combining the best of face-to-face and virtual formats, these events create a permanent catalog of connected learning, embodying the mission of the university where we immerse students in experiential and collaborative learning to foster lifelong intellectual exploration, social responsibility, and professional growth.