International and other students admitted to Lasell University who require English as a Second Language (ESL) support will be assessed for appropriate placement based on TOEFL scores (or an equivalent) and, if needed, individual conferences. Students will be placed into Level 1 or Level 2 accordingly. Each level provides the students with a supportive structure with special attention to the individual student's level of language acquisition (see Course Descriptions), structured ESL tutoring, and support for transitioning to the American culture and American system of higher education. Students will be assigned to the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) during specific times when an ESL specialist, Communication tutors and/or other tutors are available to provide individualized attention to language acquisition needs. Students can elect to use the AAC more than the structured two-hour time block.

Support for Students' Transition to American Culture and Lasell University:
 In order to ensure that all students in the program have easy access to an academic advisor, follow the appropriate course sequences, and make best use of available services, students will be assigned to an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center for the first year. The advisor will monitor students' progress and address needs as they arise while helping new students learn to navigate resources at Lasell University.