Speaking Across the Curriculum is a campus-wide initiative that gives students the opportunity to hone their speaking and listening skills by engaging in various forms of presentation throughout their major course of study.

The goal of the Speaking-Intensive Course is to provide students with an opportunity to develop their speaking skills in formats important to their programs of study. The Speaking-Intensive Courses build on the speaking skills introduced in First Year Seminar, and a series of communication workshops, by including instruction on how to speak in a particular discipline. In each major, students will take at least one Speaking-Intensive Course at the lower (100/200) level and one at the upper (300/400) level. While the types of assignments in Speaking-Intensive Courses will vary by major, all assignments will provide students with practice in using listening and speaking skills to express ideas and information clearly and confidently in a variety of settings.

Students enrolled in Speaking-Intensive courses are also offered free professional and peer- tutoring support through The Academic Achievement Center (AAC). Further, students may also choose to take a 1-credit Seminar for Speech and Writing Tutors course to become a peer speech tutor in the Academic Achievement Center (AAC).