International Service-Learning (Shoulder-To-Shoulder)

Lasell offers short-term international projects in the form of global service-learning, also referred to as the Shoulder to Shoulder Program ( Shoulder to Shoulder is a program consisting of credit-bearing, short-term global learning projects that maintain and build long-standing, community-engaged partnerships and focus on collaborative service-learning work both domestically and internationally. The community-engaged learning must be preceded by a rigorous course that explores critically reflective practice, the characteristics of the host culture, clear disciplinary project goals, and the multi-faceted ways structural and systemic power and privilege differentials play themselves out within the host culture in relation to the U.S. The primary goals of the partnership must be the authentic and ethical collaboration (working shoulder-to-shoulder) with partners on mutually beneficial projects that combine community-engaged work and reflective experiences. This is in contrast to faculty-led programs or service-learning programs which include a travel component but do not engage in long-standing community engaged partnerships paired with rigorous coursework and deep ongoing reflection.  

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Students must submit an online application by the posted deadline the semester before the course runs. Participants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. Please note that Shoulder-to-Shoulder projects are designed for participation prior to degree completion. Participation by seniors in spring semester programs will be approved on an exceptional basis. For more information, students should visit the Office of International Education on the 2nd floor of the Arnow Campus Center, make a Study Abroad appointment using Starfish, or contact the office to set up an appointment by email at or phone at (617)-243-2398.