Academic Warning

Academic Warning at Lasell University is designed to be educative and constructive; its purpose is to heighten students' awareness of their progress towards graduation and encourage good decision making through the advising process.

Full time students who earn a semester grade point average higher than 2.0 but earn fewer than 12 credits for the current semester will be placed on Academic Warning. Students placed on warning for earning fewer than 12 credits for two consecutive semesters may be placed on Academic Suspension. Students with this standing are not in good academic standing, and are strongly encouraged to attend support sessions in the Academic Achievement Center and meet with their advisor frequently.

Students who complete additional winter or summer session courses at Lasell University or at another institution and earn additional credits, may request that their status be reviewed for removal from Warning and return to Good Standing. The request must be made in writing to the Dean of Student Success. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are the minimum requirements of the University. For example, normal progress toward a degree requires at least 15 credits per semester. Please check with your particular department and/or the Student Financial Planning Office to see if there are additional requirements or more stringent standards.

Restrictions for Students on Academic Warning/Probation

Students who are not in Good Academic Standing (on Academic Warning or Academic Probation) will receive notification from the University. Students who do not meet the criteria for return to Good Academic Standing the following semester may be suspended from the University.  Students (full and part-time) who are not in Good Academic Standing will be required to curtail their participation in the co-curricular life of the campus in the following ways:

  • Students on Academic Probation may not register for more than 15 credits without approval from their advisor and the Dean of Student Success.

  • Students not in Good Academic Standing are ineligible for Study Abroad.

  • Students who are serving in an executive board position in a recognized student organization (i.e., whose names appear on the "Officer Roster" as submitted to the Office of Student Affairs) will be considered to be in a probationary status for that semester.

  • Student organization officers may not remain on probationary status for two consecutive semesters.

  • Students who are not in Good Academic Standing will not be permitted to stand as candidates for an executive board position in a student organization.

  • Students who are not in Good Academic Standing may not participate as members of an intercollegiate athletic team (in keeping with NCAA regulations).