Biochemistry focuses on the study of the chemistry of living organisms. The mission of the Lasell University Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry degree program is to prepare students with the laboratory skills and didactic knowledge necessary to begin a successful career in biotechnology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical laboratories, research, or to continue to medical school, pharmacy programs, and graduate studies in science related fields. Students will take a wide range of science and math courses including, organic chemistry, genetics, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and molecular biology. Our coursework focuses on the use of laboratories and connected learning to reinforce theory and concepts learned in the classroom. In addition, students will be presented with meaningful educational experiences based on the knowledge perspectives of the Lasell University core curriculum: creativity and aesthetics, scientific inquiry and problem solving, individuals and society, and global and historical perspectives. Academic standards for the Biochemistry program include grades of "C" or better in all BIO, CHEM, & PHYS courses.