The Human Resources Management major is intended to provide students with the relevant skills to address these areas and to succeed as the highest performers in this burgeoning field. While they will also receive a traditional business education, graduates from this program will be able to point to specific skills they have learned and developed in HR that will allow them to stand out amongst all applicants. The Human Resource Management major is structured to fulfill both desired specifications. This program is designed to first and foremost provide students with a strong and well-rounded knowledge base of business and business concepts. Once this foundation is built, students will then move onto courses strictly focused on delivering tangible and sought-after skills in Human Resource Management. This learning path then culminates in a capstone course, where students gain hands-on experience in the type of work they will perform in a professional setting, allowing them to hone their skills and create a portfolio that can be shared with potential employers.

The Double Laser Program offers students the opportunity to earn an accelerated Master's degree in as little as one year after graduation, while also saving up to 30% on graduate school tuition.