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ITCS-BS - Cybersecurity

Degree Type

Bachelor of Science


School of Health Sciences


The Cybersecurity major at Lasell has a professional focus, rooted in Connected Learning, that educates students in the development of fundamental IT and computer skills, while emphasizing information security, risk mitigation, and data analytics. The program helps students develop technical and critical thinking skills that mitigate and respond to cyberattacks. Students learn how to identify security risks, programming languages, and risk management strategies.

The Cybersecurity major balances multidisciplinary project-based courses to allow students to understand areas such as national security policy, cyber investigation, and vulnerability testing. All courses are designed to hone foundational skills in technology, critical thinking, analysis, ethics, and oral and written communications.

Students will complete a minimum of one industry-relevant internship and will come out of the program ready to work in industries including healthcare, finance, engineering and retail, who all hire cyber security professionals to protect valuable information from cyber breaches.