Professional Sales is not just a professional skill that will lead to a good job (though it almost certainly will). It is, in many senses, a liberal art in its own right. Sales teaches empathy, compassion, strong listening skills, problem-solving, and many other skills essential to everyday life. And sales in and of itself is an immensely valuable skill for students to have - whether you are closing a million-dollar deal, negotiating a raise for yourself, or figuring out who has to do the dishes, everyone is constantly selling. This major will help students learn an incredibly valuable life skill while also putting them in position to secure a highly demanded job after college. The Professional Sales major seeks to deliver this valuable skill to students and solve the skills gap that currently exists in our economy by providing students with relevant, project-based learning thus allowing them to develop one of the most sought-after skills in both Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing technology firms. This track features a heavy focus on Relationship-Driven Selling, which is vital to ensuring long-term customer commitments in B2B sales. Additionally, all of the classes place an emphasis on hands-on learning, where students are not just learning theory, but instead putting those theories to practice in live sales environments with their professor and peers. Our goal here is to provide students with valuable on-the-job experience that will prepare them for the positions they ultimately end up filling once they graduate.

The Double Laser Program offers students the opportunity to earn an accelerated Master's degree in as little as one year after graduation, while also saving up to 30% on graduate school tuition.